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‘The identification of ACMs in workplaces is an established requirement under work health and safety laws in all jurisdictions.’

Australian GovernmentAsbestos Management Review
Asbestos inspection

Asbestos and asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) pose health and safety risks for workers. It’s why a good asbestos management plan and safety checklist should be developed and implemented by employers to help ensure a safe and healthy workplace.

Asbestos Management Program for Employers

Employers whose operations require employees to handle tasks in an environment with asbestos or ACMs have responsibilities to their workers to prevent exposure to this hazardous mineral.

Here are some essential steps that employers should take to actively manage asbestos and ACMs in the workplace.

Conduct an Inspection

As an employer, you are responsible for the safety of all the workers. Hence, make sure to identify any ACMs in your worksite. Call in a qualified specialist who can conduct an asbestos inspection. Here in Australia, only those laboratories accredited by the National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) can identify and confirm the presence of asbestos or asbestos-containing materials in a building.

Evaluate the Condition of the ACMs

Once asbestos testing and identification done, conduct a risk assessment of the potential for exposure to any of the ACMs found in the site. Afterwards, make sure to develop a suitable plan to safely contain or remove these hazardous materials from the workplace.

Keep Written Records

Ensure that all asbestos-containing materials are clearly identified and keep an inventory of them in the workplace, including their conditions. Also, develop an exposure control strategy and implement a safe work policy for the employees to effectively lessen the risk of asbestos exposure in the workplace.

Implement Trainings and Policies for Workers

To prevent asbestos exposure in the workplace, prepare written safety procedures and ensure that your workers are adequately instructed and trained about them. Most importantly, require all the workers to follow the policies at all times.

Take Appropriate Action

In the event that ACMs are discovered during work, take immediate and appropriate action. Make sure that the work ceases until such time that the ACMs are contained or removed properly. Also, develop safe work procedures, including the correct use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and clothing, for employees who may work near ACMs.

Bottom Line

Every worksite is different. Although these steps are common to health and safety programs in the workplace, employers should develop and implement an asbestos management solution that is unique to their own operation.

At Asbestos Check, our qualified consultants can assess and identify asbestos or ACM sources in your workspace and provide you with a specialised management solution to avoid exposure to this hazardous mineral. Give us a call today.