Asbestos Air Monitoring

What Types of Asbestos Air Monitoring is There?

Asbestos Check provides asbestos air monitoring services for:

  • Asbestos removal air monitoring to ensure that there isn’t significant asbestos fibres in the air while asbestos containing material is being removed;
  • Air monitoring for asbestos fibres in the air within asbestos removal enclosures to ensure that the Respiratory Protective Equipment is adequate;
  • Clearance air monitoring, to ensure that the level of asbestos in the air is less than the detectable limit after the removal of asbestos containing materials;
  • Reassurance testing if you are concerned about the level of potential asbestos fibres in the air;

How is Asbestos Air Monitoring Conducted ?

Asbestos air monitoring is conducted to the Guidance Note on the Membrane Filter Method for estimating Airborne Asbestos Fibres, 2nd Edition [NOHSC: 3003(2005)]; however be warned, not all asbestos air monitoring companies are the same. Please ensure that whoever you engage to undertake asbestos air monitoring that they are NATA accredited. If they are not, the results can be questionable….

NATA accredited laboratories are inspected on a regular basis by a semi government organisation to ensure that they comply with all testing and asbestos air monitoring regulations. If you want professionals that have been undertaking asbestos air monitoring for years where quality is paramount, use a NATA accredited laboratory, or you may be placing your health at risk due to unqualified so called asbestos consulting companies.

NATA accredited asbestos air monitoring for asbestos removal, clearance monitoring or even if you’re concerned about asbestos fibres in your house, let Asbestos Check monitor the air for asbestos


Asbestos Management

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