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Do you require an Asbestos Consultant?

Asbestos Check have asbestos consultants to assist you in identifying asbestos, and assessing the risk of the asbestos in your workplace or home. We can also assist in recommending asbestos removalists if required and conduct asbestos air testing to help assess the health risk.

Not all asbestos consultants are the same

Not all asbestos consultants are properly trained and qualified! In many instances Asbestos Check have undertaken asbestos inspections only to find a lot more asbestos containing materials than previously identified by other asbestos consultants.

Asbestos is an emotive issue that can quickly shut down workplaces, creating a public & industrial relations nightmare. It can create fear in your home, if the asbestos health risks are not communicated effectively. Asbestos is emotive. Asbestos scares people – probably more than any other risk in the home or workplace. Our asbestos consultants don’t just know about asbestos; they know how to talk to people about asbestos. They offer assistance in industrial disputes caused by asbestos, and bring a calming voice to meetings with contractors, managers and union officials.

General building consultants may know a little, but ask them if they have ever looked down the microscope to identify or count asbestos fibres and then we can start to work which asbestos consultants really know their stuff.  If they haven’t heard of NATA or know then we would recommend to search on the NATA website for a properly accredited asbestos testing and inspection consulting firm.

In short, asbestos is too complex even at times for an asbestos consultant, that’s our team comprises occupational hygienists for when State WHS regulators get involved. Ever noticed that even the WHS regulators tend to recommended occupational hygienists? Check that the company that you asbestos works for also have occupational hygienists on hand to assist when things might have gone really wrong.

Our Asbestos Consultants Are Qualified

You bet they are, through our in-house training program which is part of our accreditation with the National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA). When quoting for an asbestos consultant to advise you, some questions are whether they are NATA accredited for inspections and testing and whether they have a university degree. We see many companies call their workers Occupational Hygienists, understand though that many are not qualified and use it as part of ruthless marketing.

Our asbestos consultants have a degree in science such as materials or forensic science with many having post graduate degrees in Occupational Hygiene, Occupational Health and Safety or Building Sciences. Our quality differentiates us from our competitors some of whom work on a franchise model; the health risks of asbestos is not the same as frying burgers on the hot plate. It comes with years of experience and supervision under a qualified occupational hygienist.

Why isn’t there any regulations governing Asbestos Consultants?

There is partially, in some states that require Asbestos Assessors who are required to be licenced. These Asbestos Assessors provide asbestos air monitoring & testing services along with asbestos clearance certificates for friable asbestos removal.

But essentially anyone can do into the industry and call themselves an Asbestos Consultant. So whoever you hire, ensure that they are at least NATA accredited in some form or another. It demonstrates that they have been audited by a third party, semi government authority, bound by a quality management system and have been independently assessed as being technically competent.

Are you willing to accept less than using an Asbestos Consultant who works for a NATA accredited facility?

The health of your employees and family are at risk. Also check whether they have the correct Professional Indemnity insurance, for at least 5 million to know that you’re at least working with a company of a decent size who takes asbestos consulting seriously.

For those who are wanting to get into the industry as an asbestos consultant, contact the Australian Institute of Occupational Hygienists (AIOH) or a work with a company who has a qualified occupational hygienist so that you know you are obtaining quality on the job training and experience.

Be absolutely assured. Safe Environments is NATA accredited for asbestos Inspections and preparing asbestos management plans.


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