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Asbestos Emergency – Call Asbestos Check for Urgent Help & Assistance

If damaged asbestos is found – don’t just leave and ignore the situation; you need urgent help. We can mobilise an Asbestos Consultant, Asbestos Assessor for most situations or an Occupational Hygienist to assist in a significant asbestos emergency

Asbestos emergencies can arise during asbestos renovation or demolition of houses and commercial buildings. This can bring the construction site to a standstill for days and be a public relations and industrial relations disaster especially when the unions and WorkCover authorities are involved.

In many circumstances an Occupational Hygienist is required to assess the situation; this is where Asbestos Check can assist and provide critical response to your asbestos related emergency.

Don’t let your Asbestos Emergency be a Public Relations & Industrial Relations Disaster

The health of the people concerned comes first and there is generally insufficient documentation and certification to really know the health risks. In many asbestos emergencies Asbestos Check has been involved in there has been an overall low health risk, even with broken and friable asbestos fibres laying all over the floor! This is due to the fibres being in bundles, not of the respirable type. This however over time, will be significant if not acted on in an urgent and consciously manner.

Take Control of Serious Asbestos Health Effects – Call one of the Experts at Asbestos Check

Both actual and perceived asbestos health risks. Where companies fall down most of the time is risk communication, management of the situation and failing to act urgently in an asbestos emergency. People need to know that you care about the situation and that they come first. And even more so in emergencies relating to asbestos due to sensationalistic media.

What do the procedures in the emergency outline that you should do?

This is dependent on the situation who is competent and experienced. Is there an asbestos register to confirm that the material contains asbestos? Perhaps an asbestos register is not available, or that the material is not listed in the asbestos register. In these situations please call Asbestos Check in an Asbestos Emergency. To provide some guidance the general course of action includes:

Restrict access to the area and ensure that the area is safe from other higher risk activities such as risk of explosion, if qualified and competent to do so.

Restrict access by isolating the area, shut off non-critical ventilation systems and ensure that the area is safe from other higher risk activities such as risk of explosion, if qualified and competent to do so. Record in detail the events of the circumstance to refer to later.

Obtain advice from an occupational hygienist or an Asbestos Assessor who can undertake asbestos air monitoring to measure the airborne respirable fibres in the air. This air testing can be critical in assessing the potential health risk and to provide a basis to assert the level of risk posed perceived by neighbouring houses and workplaces.

Notify relevant regulatory bodies where required. Commence make good, decontamination, removal work as advised by hazardous material consultant.

Record details of work conducted and update Hazmat Register accordingly.

Be absolutely assured. Safe Environments is NATA accredited for asbestos Inspections and preparing asbestos management plans.

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