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January 2014, Asbestos Check was engaged to undertake asbestos air monitoring and asbestos inspections within the Tamworth Area in NSW. The reason for the asbestos air monitoring was due to insulation within the re heating banks in the air conditioning system containing asbestos. Nominally this may not be a significant concern, however what was found was that a tradesman had cut through the ductwork and dislodged the friable asbestos material some year ago. This was identified as also being within the ductwork after having swabs of dust being tested and confirmed as containing chrysotile asbestos.

Do You Need an Asbestos Inspection in Tamworth or Surrounding Areas

The team at Asbestos Check regularly visit Tamworth and the surrounding towns of Armidale, Coonabarabran & Gunnedah to undertake asbestos inspections. As well as asbestos testing, Safe Environments also undertake slip resistance testing to these towns on a regular basis to assess the risk of slip and fall accidents.

If the Safe Environments Asbestos Check team cannot mobilise to site in the required timeframe, we can also assist by providing companies in Tamworth that use our asbestos testing services.

Tamworth is approximately 280 km from Port Macquarie and 105 km from Armidale being a city in the New England region of New South Wales. Tamworth has a population of just under 50,000 people. The Peel Street is the major retail and shopping area of Tamworth and contains a number of buildings which contain asbestos. Much asbestos within Peel Street of Tamworth would likely have been removed during the refurbishment of a number of commercial premises in the 1990’s, however asbestos generally cannot be removed completely unless the building is completely demolished and removed.

The results of the asbestos air monitoring concluded that while some small amount of contamination may have been present and at some stage, and would have been well below the exposure standard. The potential asbestos contamination was not considered to be of a significant health concern, and more so a potential public relations issue. The asbestos register was updated to highlight that if tradesman or HVAC consultants required to undertake work on the reheat banks, that asbestos insulation was surrounding them, and that there is possible asbestos dust within the ductwork.

If there is asbestos in the workplace, one of the main focus should be relaying objective factual information as to the risk and the appropriate measures to minimise the risk of exposure. Unless friable asbestos is being disturbed on a regular basis, the associated risk of asbestos exposure would generally be considered negligible.

Asbestos Check can assist to alleviate fears where there is undue concern regarding asbestos exposure. This can be done through asbestos awareness training, and conducting asbestos air monitoring.

Other recent news relating to asbestos in Tamworth

At the time of posing include possible compensation which may be provided for the closure of Crow Mountain Road through the Woodsreef Asbestos Mine.

It is prudent to be aware but not alarmed and seek professional advice when assessing asbestos. An asbestos register should be on file to assess whether material contains asbestos and the condition that it is in as well as a risk assessment. If there is a concern, restrict access to the area and contact Asbestos Check on 02 9621 3706 or for urgent enquiries, our principle Occupational Hygienist Carl Strautins on 0416 22 44 60 to assist further.

Author: Carl Strautins

Carl Strautins


Carl Strautins is a managing director of Safe Environments Pty Ltd a multi-specialist consultancy operating in the building, construction and property management industries. He provides the necessary guidance and risk minimisation strategies required by architects, construction companies and facility managers to ensure they mitigated their risk to property risk. He is engaged on a regular basis to provide expert opinion for disputes and legal proceedings. Click here to know more about him.