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Here in Australia, our views on asbestos use have altered greatly over time. From the early 1900s through to the late 1980s, asbestos was used widely in residential and commercial construction. Building materials containing asbestos were cheap, strong, pliable and had great thermal insulation properties.

Asbestos production was then phased out in the 1980s due to the health implications of exposure to the fibrous material. However, asbestos still remains in many Australian homes constructed pre-1990.

So why should you consider getting a professional asbestos inspection of your property?

1. You can’t tell just by looking

Asbestos is commonly found in ceilings and walls, roofing (including corrugated sheeting and eaves), pipe and fireplace insulation, and paints, coatings, floor coverings, and sealants.

While you might suspect your home has asbestos containing materials, a professional inspection provides accurate identification through laboratory testing. This way, you know for sure if there’s any asbestos in your home, where it’s located, and whether it requires removal.

2. You’re planning to renovate

If you’re planning on revamping the bathroom or kitchen, on knocking out a wall to tack on a rumpus room for the kids, an asbestos inspection is a wise investment before donning the riggers gloves and safety glasses.

The Block might’ve lit an inspiring fire under you, but the fact remains that a cowboy approach could disturb unidentified asbestos and put your family at risk. According to the Better Health Channel, inhalation of asbestos fibres can cause diseases such as asbestosis, lung cancer, mesothelioma and pleural disorders in the long term.

3. You’re buying or selling

Pre-purchase building and pest inspections are staples in the residential property market these days. Hot on their heels are asbestos inspections, and with good reason.

Knowing what you’re walking into is not only valuable from a safety perspective, but also from a financial standpoint. Identification of asbestos can help you in calculating the costs of any future remedial work.

Conversely, providing copies of an asbestos inspection to potential buyers of your property could help ease any concerns with the sale, especially if you have an older home where buyers are likely to be aware of the greater risk that asbestos is present. You could also use an asbestos inspection to identify any problematic areas and address them yourself before you sell.

If any of these reasons strike a chord with you, call us to discuss and organise an asbestos inspection of your home today.